Our Excess Wear & Use Protection is the best in the business, bar none. Designed to give you maximum protection and peace of mind, it keeps you safe from additional costs at the end of your lease, such as excess wear and use and missing parts. Any charges incurred at lease maturity are handled by BMW Financial Services, so you never have to worry.

BMW Excess Wear and Use Protection is designed to keep you safe from additional costs at the end of your lease. Up to $7,500 of coverage* is provided for damage including parts valued at $200 or less.

Please see your local BMW Retailer for full details.

*Subject to the terms and conditions stated on the Excess Wear and Use Protection Addendum.


We have developed our Excess Wear & Use Protection to offer you the most comprehensive peace of mind possible. Our policy covers;

- Excess Wear & Use costs up to $7,500 (subject to terms and conditions).

- Missing parts valued at $200 or less (keys, manuals)

- Includes tires, rims, glass (subject to terms and conditions).

- Product can be cancelled within the first 30 days of coverage.

- Premium is included within your monthly payment so there are no additional up-front costs.


BMW Excess Wear and Use Protection can be applied to:

- New Vehicle leases through BMW Financial Services;

- Must be purchased at vehicle inception;

- Vehicles must have less than 15,000 km at inception.


- Excess kilometre charges are not covered under this protection program.

- Mechanical & Electrical breakdown is not covered. (i.e. Brakes).

- Replacement parts that do not meet BMW specifications and quality.

- Loss or damage covered by another service contract or warranty.

- Single incident loss or damage over $1,000 and that is typically covered by auto insurance policy.