Keeping you connected.

We're constantly searching for new ways to give our customers total control of their lease or loan. That's why we've developed exclusive automated services such as BMW Owners’ Circle and Interactive Voice Response to provide you with a crystal clear picture of where you stand, day or night.

We’ve also made it easy to access information regarding your End-of-Lease options, so you can start planning your next purchase wherever you are, whenever you want.

There are several end-of-lease options to choose from as the lease on your BMW reaches maturity.

Get into a new BMW.

Visit your local BMW Retailer and experience our complete lineup of BMW vehicles. If you’re interested in a particular vehicle, this is the ideal time to take it for a test drive to ensure it’s the right BMW for you. With a comprehensive suite of leasing and financing products, as well as various kilometre options, BMW Financial Services makes getting into a new BMW easy.

Keep your current BMW.

For you, the best way to celebrate the end of your BMW lease might just be to keep the very vehicle you’ve come to love and trust. If so, you have three options to consider. You may purchase your vehicle outright for the purchase option price or finance the amount remaining with BMW Financial Services. Both choices absolve you of any and all excess wear and use and excess kilometre charges and allow you the freedom to customize your vehicle precisely to your liking. Your third option is to re-lease your current BMW.