Automotive manufacturers have come a long way in developing rust prevention measures. The fact remains however, that road maintenance crews dump millions of tons of salt and corrosive de-icing agents on Canadian roads each year.

Rust starts from the interior of body panels and eats its way through to the outside. The prospect of future costly corrosion damage remains high for your vehicle. Rust shortens the life of your vehicle and ruins its appearance, greatly reducing its resale value.
Auto-mobile manufacturers ship their vehicles to all corners of the world and with varying climates. Only a small portion of these vehicle markets are considered "Corrosion Zones", and Ontario is noted to be one of the most susceptible due to the extreme climate. It is not feasible for manufacturers to add complete rust protection at the factory.

Sym-Tech® Rust Protection is applied to the fully assembled vehicle (without the need to drill holes in your new car) to create an air and water-tight barrier which prevents moisture from attacking even the most recessed, vulnerable metal surfaces on your vehicle. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee which exceeds your manufacturer's limited warranty.

Find out more about Sym-Tech®'s Traditional Rust Protection, ECO Rust Protection and Electronic Corrosion Control (E.C.C) Module. Also Sym-Tech® offers Surface Rust Protection Warranty.

The clear coat finish on your vehicle's paint surface is uneven. The peaks and valleys of this uneven surface is where dirt, salt, pollutants and moisture become trapped. Left untreated these harmful agents quickly dull and fade the paint and will eventually ruin the shine, lowering the value of your vehicle. Sym-Tech®'s Paint Protection can help keep that new shine on your car longer.
The inside of your vehicle is just as important as the outside! Without proper protection, the fabrics can be stained by spills, food, pets and even dust. The upholstery will also wear and fade faster. Sym-Tech® Upholstery Protection for Fabric, Leather and Vinyl provides a protective guard which prevents permanent staining and colour fading of your vehicle's interior. In addition, Sym-Tech® provides an optional Rip, Tear, & Burn Warranty to further protect your upholstery from damage.