In any driving situation, it’s your tires and rims that are usually most susceptible to damage – nails, glass, rocks, potholes; you can never be too sure of what lies ahead. For vehicle safety, damaged tires and rims must be immediately repaired or replaced.

BMW Tire and Rim Protection takes care of tire repair or replacement costs. Work is completed by BMW technicians with authentic BMW parts. Just bring your vehicle to a BMW Retailer – and they’ll begin the repair or replacement* on the spot. The Retailer also takes care of the entire claims process from beginning to end.

*BMW run-flat tires are always replaced, never repaired.


BMW Tire and Rim Protection provides coverage for the original BMW vehicle listed on the Service Contract, and the original tires and rims which are installed on that vehicle that are damaged by various road hazards, including but not limited to: - Nails, Screws, Glass, Rocks, Animal carcasses, Potholes, Road cracks, Uneven pavement, Curb scuffs.

Coverage also includes BMW summer tire and rim packages, BMW winter tire and rim packages and replacement tires and rims beyond the original set as long as they're of manufacturer specification.

Please see your local BMW Retailer for full coverage details.


BMW Tire and Rim Protection provides coverage for the vehicles tires and rims listed on the Service Contract until one of the following occurs:

  • Term listed on the contract expires;
  • Vehicles reaches 120,000 km; or
  • Less than 2mm (3/32") of tread depth on any rib of the tire.


  • Premium can be 100% financed, and included within your monthly payment.
  • Covers 100% of the cost of the tire or rim repair or replacement.
  • BMW run-flat tires are always replaced, never repaired.
  • Covers all four (4) tires and rims on the vehicle, plus any subsequent set as long as they’re of manufacturer specification.
  • Coverage for rim damage caused by curb scuffs*.
  • Coverage throughout Canada and continental United States.
  • Rental vehicle benefit.
  • Product can be cancelled within the first 30 days of coverage.

*Subject to terms and conditions.


BMW Tire and Rim Protection can be applied to any New or Pre-Owned BMW vehicle.

Coverage must be purchased within 30 days of vehicle purchase.

Tires on all vehicles must have a tread depth of greater than or equal to 4mm (5/32") at contract inception to be eligible for coverage.

The Service Contract is always restricted to the original vehicle and the tires and rims which are installed, and any subsequent set of tires and rims that are of manufacturer specification. The service contract can be transferred to a new private owner of the vehicle. Proof of purchase may be requested.

Some Exclusions.

BMW Tire and Rim Protection does not provide coverage in the following circumstances:

  • Non BMW vehicles.
  • Tires and rims that are not of manufacturer specification.
  • Damage due to a vehicle accident or collision.
  • Defects in material or workmanship by the tire or vehicle manufacturer (including, without limitation,out-of-round or stress-cracked rims that did not result from a road hazard).
  • Vandalism and/or Theft.

BMW Tire and Rim Protection does not provide coverage to any tire or rim damage that would otherwise be covered by an auto insurance policy.

Please read the exclusions section of the Service Contract for more information of other excluded uses and conditions.