BMW London is pleased to announce the availability of WEATHER TECH Floor Liners for BMW vehicles

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Floor Liners are an attractive and effective way to keep a vehicle clean, protect the interior thereby retaining the vehicle’s value and they assist in keeping pant legs free of stains. Floor Liners protect the vehicle’s interior from snow, rain, sand, dirt and mud. These Floor Liners are custom fitted to each model and have zero risk of sliding, providing the perfect fit for all customers.

Floor Liner Features:

1) Each Floor Liner is designed using digital laser measurement of the interior surfaces, offering a consistently perfect fit.

2) The Floor Liner’s advanced surface design has channels that carry fluid and debris away from shoes and clothing, into a lower reservoir.

3) Spill and Stain resistant with a high friction coefficient surface. Utilizes the BMW retention system

3) The lower reservoir uses additional channeling to minimize fluid movement while driving.

4) Front and rear Floor Liners are available in black or beige for most high volume models.

Floor Liner Benefits:

1) Exclusive rib and channel design featuring “BMW”, “MINI” or “xDrive” labels.

2) Contoured fit with vehicle floor pan

3) Fabricated using extremely durable and stain resistant, 3 layer thermoplastic.

4) Rugged and durable design/construction

5) Rough, anti-slip surface.

6) Utilizes BMW approved retention system.

7) Single-piece rear liner to protect driveshaft tunnel (SAV applications only*)

8) Two-piece rear liners (car applications only)

* Excluding X1 – the X1 will have 2 piece rear liners available.

BMW Pricing

Front Pair from $150.00

Rear Pair from $105.00

Please contact our parts department at 519-685-2277 or visit the dealership for further details.