BMW London: Electric Vehicle Showcase

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Here are a list of some of the great electric vehicles in our lineup available for test drive or purchase:

2024 BMW i4 M50 – Stock Number: B4177

  •  Marrying BMW’s legacy with innovative electric technology.
    • Prowess: Synonymous with BMW’s renowned handling.
    • Interior: Luxury craftsmanship meets avant-garde technology.
    • Range: Extended journeys, extended electric range. An estimated range of 475KM!

2024 BMW iX 50– Stock Number: B4124

  •  Luxury electric mobility redefined.
    • Performance: M performance meets electric precision.
    • Features: A vanguard in driving assistance and infotainment.
    • Interior: Comfort meets contemporary design.

2024 BMW i5 M60 – Stock Number: B4163

  • An icon of forward-thinking design, crafted for the true enthusiast.
    • Balance: The perfect blend of elegance, sportiness and comfort.
    • Design: A sleek fusion of form and function.
    • Technology: Pioneering the future with cutting-edge innovations.

2024 BMW i7 60 – Stock Number: B4041

  • An emblem of automotive excellence, showcased for discerning drivers.
    • Luxury: The pinnacle of BMW’s electric ventures.
    • Design: A masterstroke in automotive artistry.
    • Technology: Setting benchmarks in automotive innovation.

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For comprehensive information on electric vehicle charging solutions tailored for these models, please refer to the BMW Qmerit Charging Portal.